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Lashtasy Lashes: Not Just Your Average Pair of Strip Lashes, but a True INVESTMENT

The Lashtasy brand represents a melting pot of luxury, efficiency, value, and sustainability all within mink lashes.

Our lashes are priced between $14-$19. Pricing for higher quality lashes that you could grab from a drugstore, like CVS, are around $6 and up. While that little CVS option might LOOK like a "better deal" at first glance... let's take a real look at the value behind Lashtasy.

With proper care, each pair of Lashtasy lashes can be worn a maximum of 25 times - this is 100% true, as I've worn the same pair of Boss Babe lashes over the course of 4 months.

The pair you're thinking of picking up at CVS or Walgreens will most likely last you one night. Now honey, if you're looking to save some coins, this is clearly the wrong route to take! 25 pairs later will cost you a whopping $150+. That pair of Lashtasy lashes you've been eyeing is obviously the more cost effective approach. They'll become your go-to pair that you can just grab off of your vanity time and time again.

Besides helping you save in the long run, we pride ourselves on being cruelty-free and sustainable. Come on - who doesn't love animals and our gorgeous planet?!

Minks are never harmed in the process of making Lashtasy lashes. Our manufacturers use a thoughtful and harmless method - keeping the safety of animals in mind. Each strand of mink hair used in our lashes are obtained from the hairs that fall off of the Minks after they are groomed. There is absolutely no reason to feel guilty for indulging in a pair of our cruelty-free lashes!

When we designed the packaging - we had sustainability in mind. The Lashtasy lash cases are durable and designed for repeated use. Instead of leaving your lashes out on the vanity after a long day or a night out - pop them back in the case to keep them fresh and ensure that you'll never misplace them.

It is clear that beauty truly meets value when it comes to our lashes. As you hit that "checkout" button in our shop, you can feel confident knowing that you're making the best decision for your wallet, our animals, and our planet. Don't hesitate for a second - get your pair of Lashtasy lashes right now!




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